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Elevated Pastures

Know your farmer - Trust your food

Our Products

At Elevated Pastures, we believe in producing high quality meat, with no added junk. We are a small farm that specializes in pasture raised, non-GMO, soy and corn free chicken, pork and lamb. Our feed is high in flaxseed, sorghum and sunflowers. Along with our feed, the animals enjoy a nutrient-dense diet full of a variety of bugs and native Colorado grasses.

We believe in treating our animals humanely. We believe in letting our animals grow at the rate nature intended - not any faster. We purposely chose Freedom Ranger meat birds over the commonly used Cornish Cross due to their slow natural growing patterns. Our pigs are locally sourced around 4 weeks of age and we maintain a single breeder to ensure quality control.


Our Story

We often say that the farm found us when we weren't looking for it. 2020 was a transformational year for most and our family was no different. During the soul-searching time of the great quarantine, as a family we realized that a piece of life was missing. When the grocery store shelves were empty and the talk of food being a scarcity, we knew that we wanted to take matters into our own hands - not just for us, but for those around us as well.

Our process is simple.  We acquire our animals from quality sources and feed them a diet free of corn and soy.  We source our feed from a local feed store, that is hand-mixed and delivered weekly.  We interact with the animals on a daily basis, pouring love and care into their growing.

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