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Our Team

Elevated Pastures


Head of Infrastructure

Brent brings a construction and infrastructure background to Elevated Pastures. A native to Northwest Kansas, Brent moved to Colorado with Erin after graduating from Fort Hays State University in ’07.  Since moving to Colorado, it was always the goal to eventually get to a more rural area, as it is a similar lifestyle to what we were accustomed to.  As a kid growing up around farming and livestock through family farms, it has always been a dream to start a farm and raise livestock of his own.  In 2017, we got a step closer to that dream after moving to Elizabeth, CO on 5 acres.  We immediately built a chicken coop and began raising chickens for eggs.  As we began sharing our eggs with neighbors and friends, we realized that we needed to get fresh meat and eggs into more hands.  This is why raising animals humanely and responsibly is so important to us.


Brent handles the infrastructure design and maintenance and helps out with operations on the farm.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to him at



Head of Marketing & Sales

Growing up in Northwest Kansas, Erin watched her father farm and raise animals.  After marrying Brent, and graduating from Fort Hays State University, they moved to the big city of Denver.  After a few years of suburban life, Brent & Erin were able to move to the country on 5 acres. Being back in the open sky flooded their hearts with the possibility of raising their children the way they were raised.  Erin believes in raising the animals responsibly and humanely, providing a product she would not only serve her family, but yours as well.

Erin handles the sales and marketing for Elevated Pastures.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send them to her at



Growing up on a farm in Northwest Kansas, Birney spent his life raising cattle, hogs, sheep and crops.  He met the love of his life, Virginia, and raised their two daughters in the same town.  Birney continued to raise animals and produce crops while working in various areas of agriculture.  He had an immense passion for raising quality animals, humanely and responsibly.

In 2018, Virginia lost her battle to cancer.  Her dream was always to move to Colorado to watch the sunset fade over the mountains.   While she may not be a part of the farm on earth, we know she is a part of the farm from heaven.

In 2021, Birney joined his love in heaven.  Not a day goes by that he is not missed, both on the farm and in our lives.  

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